Non-inactivated virus transport medium

Non-inactivated virus transport medium

ROOM TEMPERATURE STABLE; UNIQUE MEDIA FORMULATION: Improved formulation of hanks solution, combined with multiple antibiotics to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and fungal flora.As a professional Non-inactivated virus transport medium manufacture, you can rest assured to buy Non-inactivated virus transport medium from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Product Detail

Description of Non-inactivated virus transport medium
Type Non-inactivated
Specification 1ml/tube, 2ml/tube, 3ml/tube, 3.5ml/tube, 5ml/tube, 6ml/tube
Package Pkg of 20, Pkg of 50, Pkg of 100, Pkg of 200, Pkg of 300, Pkg of 500.
Virus Transport Kit (Non-inactivated)is dedicated to Viral Sampling Tube, also called Viral Transport Medium, are high quality China Vtm Kits, divided into inactivated and non-inactivated Universal Sampling Transportation Tubes。Our daily production capacity is about 100,000,price is competitive and could be negotiated based on quantity. Welcome your inquiry!

>Virus Transport Kit (Non-inactivated) ADVANTAGE
Improved formulation of hanks solution, combined with multiple antibiotics to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and fungal flora
Thickened design, with distinctive internal conical shape enabling centrifugation of samples.
No DNase, RNase and toxic residue.
● Multiple specifications
Large media fill volume allows for multiple tests on the same specimen. small volume prevents sample dilution.
For collection, transport, maintenance and long term freeze storage of Virus


Non-inactivated Non-inactivated Non-inactivated
Secretion Swab or Sputum Alveolar lanvage fluid Virus culture

>Test Procedure

Non-inactivated Non-inactivated Non-inactivated
1. Put on gloves and protective clothing. 2. Collect specimen with swabs, such as nasopharynx swabs and oropharynx swabs. 3. Aseptically remove cap from tube, insert swab into the tube with medium
Non-inactivated Non-inactivated Non-inactivated
4. Break swab shaft by bending it against the tube wall evenly at the pre-scored line. 5. Replace cap on tube and close tightly 6. Label with appropriate patient information, Send to the laboratory for immediate analysis.

Compatible with subsequent processes

Non-inactivated Non-inactivated Non-inactivated
Nucleic acid extraction Molecular detection Virus isolation and culture

Available as filled tubes in bulk or as patient sample collection packs which can incorporate various combinations of filled tubes with eitherflocking swab.

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