Babio's three monkeypox virus detection products have also won the CE certification of the European Union  

- 2022-05-27-

A total of 131 confirmed and 106 suspected cases of m& # 111nkeypox have been reported in 19 countries and territories, said Who Director Of communicable Disease Risk and Prevention Andrew Briand on May 24.  

Babio biology immediately organized the research and development of monkeypox virus detection products, and successfully developed three products: monkeypox virus detection kit (F-PCR), monkeypox virus antigen detection kit (colloidal gold method), and monkeypox virus antibody detection kit (colloidal gold method).  The MONkeypox virus detection kit (F-PCR) uses fluorescent probe method to design specific primers and TaqMan probe targeting the conserved sequence of monkeypox virus specific genes, which can detect monkeypox virus nucleic acid (For further information, please contact us).  

On May 26, 2022, Babio's three monkeypox virus detection products were awarded the European CE certification.  The company's three main monkeypox virus detection products can be sold in the European Union and the EU CE certification of countries and regions, will further expand the company's product application field, is conducive to the company's expansion of overseas markets.  

To contribute to global epidemic prevention and control, Babio has successively obtained CE registration certificates for its NOVEL coronavirus antigen test kit and monkeypox virus nucleic acid test kit.  Meanwhile, in addition to the above products,  Have made new crown + b antigen flow + respiratory syncytial joint detection kits, new crown antigen + b joint detection kits, the new crown antibody detection kit, the new crown neutralizing antibody detection kit and if party a and party b flow, adenovirus, dengue fever, hepatitis a, malaria, syphilis, gonorrhea, 20 a highly pathogenic infectious diseases such as typhoid detection reagent.  

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Babio Has seized the opportunity to enhance assets, expand cash flow, strengthen technical reserves, and deepen the skills of fine management. From the initial microbial culture medium to the development of nucleic acid detection platform and colloidal gold rapid detection platform, with the strengthening of r&d investment,  Babio has gradually built three platforms of microbiology, nucleic acid detection and colloidal gold rapid detection, laying a foundation for the gradual growth of the future.