How to use the swab correctly

- 2022-05-09-

Swabs were used to sample 50 fresh tissue samples

1. Estimate the volume of the swab required to completely immerse the sample (10ml for 1g tissue).
2. Mark the collection tube and add the estimated required amount of this product.
3. Cut the sample into pieces with thickness less than 0.5cm at  fast speed.
4. Completely immerse the tissue fragments in the product of the collection tube.
5. Store the collecting tube in a place with appropriate temperature, and the storage time shall not exceed the Zui long storage time at this temperature. If it is to be stored at - 20 ° C or - 80 ° C, the sample shall be placed overnight at 49C and then transferred to the temperature after . Note: before transferring the sample to - 20C or - 80 ° C, the protective solution needs to be discarded. The relationship between common storage temperature and  long storage time is as follows:
6. Take out the sample from the storage place (- the sample stored at 20 ° C or 80 ° C shall be melted at room temperature first), and take out the tissue fragments from the protective solution with sterilized tweezers.
7. Immediately start RNA extraction or other processing (such as dividing the sample into smaller fragments and then re saving, etc.). Note: the sample can be frozen and thawed for 20 times

The RNA quality will not be affected.