Teach you to judge the results of rapid diagnostic antigen test in 1 minute?

- 2022-04-18-

Teach you to judge the results of rapid diagnostic antigen test in 1 minute

Antigen Rapid Detection kit with innasal swabs,Our harga swab antigen test is competitive and negotiable based on quantity. The antigen rtk swab test kit is very complete and easy to carry. Baibo Bio's antigen rapid detection test kit is rtk test near me, welcome to inquire.

First select the sampling component, and then follow the test process

Test Steps

1.Sepecimen from  innasal swabs,pharyngeal swabs,sputum,saliva,bronchoalveolar,lavage,fluid.
2.Remove the saliva collector, and then re-tighten the cap of the sample tube.
3.Shake the sample tube to mix the saliva with the extract thoroughly
4.Squeeze about 60-100ul (About 2 -3drops)specimen diluent onto the test card
5.Read the result at 15 minutes.The result is valid within 15-20 minutes. 
6.Read the results.


If only the quality control line C appears, and the test lines T are not burgundy, it indicates that no antigen is detected, and the result is negative. Due to the limitation of detection sensitivity, negative results may be caused by antigen concentrations lower than the analytical sensitivity of the product.
If both the quality control line C and the test line T appear , it indicates that antigen is detected.Samples with positive results should be confirmed with alternative testing method(s) and clinical findings before a diagnosis is made.
If the quality control line C is not displayed, the test result is invalid regardless of whether there is a burgundy test line, and it should be tested again.
Repeat the test using remaining sample or new sample, if results are not clear.
If the test repeated fail to produce a result, discontinue using the kit and contact the manufacture. 

Our advantage

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