What are the general characteristics of sterile swabs?

- 2022-03-30-

The sterile swab consists of a solid molded plastic applicator rod, the size and shape of which can be changed. The top of the applicator is coated with short fibers, which are arranged vertically. this vertical arrangement is generated by a process called sterile in which the fibers are sprayed on the tip of the sterile swab while remaining in the electrostatic field. This method produces a high absorption thin layer with open structure. Welcome to buy Sampling Nasopharyngeal swab from us. Every request from customers  about sterile swab is being replied within 24 hours.

A. Ergonomics and Anatomical design
Unique design improves patient comfort and specimen collection

B. User friendly
With anatomical design and soft brush texture, cells can be cleared quickly and effectively.

C. Safe and convenient breakpoints
According to sampling demand,sampling location and sampling characteristics, different kinds of broken points are designed

D. Rapid automatic elution
Rapid and automatic release of samples into liquid media

E. Quantitative
Measurable and consistent uptake and transfer from patients for quantitative measurement and improved test sensitivity.

F. Multi-platform applications
Compatible with a variety of applications and platforms, such as rapid antigen detection, E I A, molecular-based detection, DFA, cytology, forensic, bacteriological and virological culture.