Baibo Biotech has obtained a number of certificates of quality assessment by the National Interim Inspection Center

- 2021-12-04-

The National Center for Clinical Laboratory (NCCL) of the National Health Commission announced the results of the national clinical laboratory quality evaluation in 2019. All the 28 projects that Biobio participated in passed the evaluation and obtained qualification certificates. The project covers 20 conventional chemical projects, 1 cysteine protease inhibitor, 1 myocardial marker and 6 lipids.

Inter-departmental quality evaluation is an important part of the internationally recognized clinical laboratory's total quality management and an important part of the quality management of medical institutions. The external quality assessment results of the National Health Commission have witnessed the efforts of Jinan Biotech in the field of in vitro diagnostics in the past year, and also proved the excellent quality, accurate and reliable test results of Biotech's products and the trust of users. BioBio will continue to strictly control every quality link, improve product quality, and provide more reliable medical diagnostic products for clinics.