Babio Biological launched a new product, nucleic acid Extractor

- 2021-11-05-

Jinan Babio Biotechnology Co., Ltd launched a new product, XA-960 Fully automatic nucleic acid Extractor.

XA-960 fully automatic nucleic acid extractor will be a large number of manual operation before processing steps into a closed system, support with cover sample tube directly on the machine, a key to complete nucleic acid detection from the sample, code, sampling, packaging, cover to extraction purification of all processing steps, operators only need to place samples, one key to start, to extraction before the end of any manual intervention.Moreover, ultra-small volumes reduce the occupancy of laboratory space.


XA-960 fully automatic nucleic acid extractor truly realizes the whole automation of nucleic acid extraction.


The original pipe belt is on the machine

Put the pipe rack with sample tubes directly into the inlet area of XA-960 without manual opening to prevent the risk of opening cover sample splash.


Automatically scan the code to open the cover

XA-960 supports automatic barcode scanning and automatic storage of sample ID, to easily realize sample traceability and tracking.The cover opens automatically after reading the sample barcode information.


Automatic sampling and sample addition

XA-960 built-in level sensing technology pipette module, automatic sampling and sampling using disposable pipetter head, with sample precision┬▒1 microliter.Realize the rapid and accurate packaging of samples from the collection tube to the 96-well plate.


Automatic cover recovery

With the packaging and the next workflow, XA-960 enables automatic closure and recycling of the sample collection tube.


Automatically extracted purification was performed

Automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification.