How to use and clean the air disinfection machine

- 2021-09-01-

Usage of air disinfection machine
1. The Department shall keep the operation manual of the air disinfection machine and operate it according to the requirements.
2. Pay attention to the density of the room. During disinfection, doors and windows shall be closed to keep the room airtight. Irrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited to enter. The number of indoor personnel shall be reduced as much as possible to ensure the disinfection effect.
3. Pay attention to the surface hygiene of indoor objects. Air disinfection machine is only effective for air and has no disinfection effect on object surface. If there is more dust on the surface of indoor objects, the disinfection machine will produce secondary dust during operation, resulting in continuous air microbial pollution, which will eventually lead to disinfection failure within the specified time.
4. Selection of air disinfection machine startup time.
1) Preventive disinfection: Disinfect regularly 2-3 times a day for 60 ~ 120mins each time. It is generally arranged before work in the morning and after work in the afternoon or at night. The general disinfection time is 5 hours.
2) Dynamic disinfection: the purpose is to control and reduce the secondary pollution to the ambient air during personnel activities. It is generally carried out during the peak period of personnel activities.
3) Static disinfection can be carried out once a week for 2 hours.

5. Corresponding records shall be made at the end of each disinfection, and the cumulative time shall not exceed 4000 hours.

6. The air disinfection machine adopts the principle of physical filtration disinfection of ultraviolet circulating air. Therefore, the space around the air disinfection machine should be prevented from being blocked by objects as far as possible to keep the air flowing smoothly, and the good circulation of air should be protected as far as possible.

Cleaning and maintenance of air disinfection machine

1. Keep the air disinfection machine clean and dry. After daily disinfection, wipe the surface with a wet cloth. When cleaning, cut off the power supply and pull out the power head to avoid direct contact with water or flushing.
2. When the air disinfection machine is working, it is strictly prohibited to make objects or hands close to the ventilation inlet and outlet of the sterilizer; During handling and loading and unloading, the product shall be prevented from being hit or falling to the ground by hard objects.
3. In case of abnormal operation of the air disinfection machine (fault display or alarm), turn off the power switch immediately, pull out the power plug, and call the equipment maintenance personnel for inspection.
4. Check the filter screen every month, uncover the air inlet panel, remove the filter screen, and clean it with clean water or water with neutral detergent. It is strictly prohibited to brush with brush tools. The water temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃ to avoid deformation. After washing and drying in a cool and ventilated place, install it according to the original path, and replace the filter screen every year. The cleaning and replacement of filter screen shall be recorded.
5. The cumulative use time of the sterilizer shall not exceed 4000 hours. If the cumulative time is reached, the ultraviolet lamp shall be replaced and recorded.
6. There shall be no cover above the sterilizer, and it shall not be placed in the cabinet and other environments; When multiple environments are disinfected in turn, they should be pushed and placed gently to reduce vibration.
7. Install and operate the air disinfection machine according to the instructions, and pay attention to the safety of electricity. It is strictly prohibited to use without guidance, training, detailed reading of instructions or instructions