Maintenance of Air Disinfection Machine

- 2021-08-04-

Maintenance of air disinfection machine

1. Keep the air disinfection machine clean and dry. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth after disinfection every day. When cleaning, the power supply should be blocked and the power plug should be pulled out to avoid direct contact with water or washing.

2. During the operation of the air disinfector, it is forbidden to bring objects or hands close to the ventilation inlet and outlet of the disinfector; when transferring and loading and unloading, the product should be prevented from being hit by hard objects or falling to the ground.

3. When abnormal operation of the air disinfector is found, the power switch should be closed immediately, the power plug should be pulled out, and the equipment repairer should be called to check.

4. Check the filter every month, uncover the air inlet panel, remove the filter, clean it with clean water or water with neutral scrubbing agent. It is forbidden to scrub with brushes, and the water temperature should not exceed 40°C to avoid deformation and scrubbing. After being clean and dry in a cool, ventilated place, install the filter according to the original route and replace the filter every year. The cleaning and replacement of the filter should be recorded.

5. The cumulative operation time of the air disinfection machine does not exceed 4000 hours. If the cumulative time is reached, the ultraviolet lamp should be replaced.

6. There should be no concealed objects above the air disinfection machine, nor should it be placed in a cabinet or other environment for use; when multiple environments are disinfected in turn, they should be gently pushed to reduce vibration.

7. Install and operate in accordance with the manual of the air disinfection machine, and pay attention to the safety of electricity use.

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