The role of Babio normal saline

- 2021-07-27-

The role of Babio normal saline

1. Avoid cell rupture

The osmotic pressure of physiological saline is the same as that outside the cell, and it will not cause the cell to rupture due to dehydration or excessive water absorption.

2. Clean the wound

Normal saline is actually low-concentration saline, which is often used to clean wounds and replenish blood volume.

3. Correct acidosis

The method of alternating static points with normal saline and 5% or 10% GS solution can replenish electrolytes, correct acidosis, overcome ketosis, and can also replenish water and calories.

4. Maintain the tension of body fluids

Physiological saline can supply dielectric and maintain the tension of body fluids. It can be used for rehydration and other medical purposes. It is also commonly used for culturing living tissues and cells in vitro.

Babio normal saline