Jinan Babio Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

- 2021-06-04-

Reminder announcement on the company's swab products to obtain the CE record certificate

Jinan Babio tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Babio" or the "Company") recently received the company's swab product registration certificate in the German Medical Documentation and Information Agency (DIMDI) system (hereinafter referred to as "CE registration certificate" "). So far, the company's swab products have met the relevant CE regulations and can be sold to Europe normally!

Meaning and contribution to the company

Up to now, most of the virus sampling tube products exported by the company to the European market, and the supporting swabs are of other brands, the acquisition of the CE registration certificate for its own brand swabs has laid the foundation for the company to replace its own brand swabs. It is helpful to further reduce the cost of virus sampling tube. At the same time, due to the huge international market demand for nasopharyngeal sampling swabs, the acquisition of the CE record certificate will help further improve the company's market expansion capabilities and core competitiveness in overseas markets.