Is the culture-medium out of date?

- 2024-05-13-

Dry powder medium is to dehydrate the prepared medium, so that it is easy to preserve and sell. When using, just add water in proportion to dissolve it.

If it is expired, the chemical composition of the medium will change, may produce toxins and other substances that are not conducive to cell growth, and the expired medium will generally be contaminated, cell culture requirements for aseptic conditions are harsh, it is recommended not to use expired medium, it is better to use now. After the expiration of sterilization and harmless treatment of the medium can be used as a nutrient solution to water plants and plants, as fertilizer. You can also melt to do filtration experiments, practice the ability to operate. Can be used to do a performance test ah, as long as the PH, sensitivity are appropriate, there is no problem.

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