How to prepare dry powder medium into liquid?

- 2024-02-29-

The method of preparing dry powder medium into liquid is roughly the same, and the general steps are as follows:

Prepare materials:

 Make sure you have enough cell culture-grade or injectable grade pure water, as well as required additives such as 7.5% sodium bicarbonate solution, 200mM L-glutamine solution, 1N hydrochloric acid solution, and 1N sodium hydroxide solution.

Dissolved dry powder:

Pour the dry powder medium into a container.

Use an appropriate amount of water (usually cell culture grade or injection grade pure water) to completely dissolve the dry powder.

Ensure that the total amount of water is 2/3 of the total amount of liquid medium required.

Adjust pH value:

Use a pH meter or pH precision test strip to adjust the pH of the medium to the desired level, usually 7.2-7.4.

Add additives:

According to product instructions and experimental requirements, add appropriate amount of sodium bicarbonate, L-glutamine and other additives.

Filtration for removal of bacteria:

The 0.22um microporous filter membrane was used to filter and remove bacteria to ensure the sterility of the medium.


The prepared liquid medium was stored away from light at 2℃ ~ 8℃.


Please note:

1. The specific proportion and steps of preparation may vary according to different brands and types of dry powder media, so the instructions on the packaging bag of the media should be carefully read before use.

2. Sterile test should be carried out after preparation of the culture medium to detect whether there is contamination in the culture medium.

3. The amount of liquid prepared in each batch should be used for about 2 weeks, so as to avoid the loss of nutrients caused by too long time.