The detection principle of pet detection kit

- 2023-09-25-

This kit uses double antibody sandwich immunochromatography. If the sample contains enough disease-causing antigen, the antigen will bind to the monoclonal antibody coated in colloidal gold on the gold label pad to form an antibody-antigen complex. When this complex migrates upward to the detection line (T-line) with the capillary effect, it binds to another monoclonal antibody to form an "antibody-antigen-antibody" complex and gradually agglutinates into a visible detection line (T-line). The excess colloidal gold antibody continues to migrate to the quality control line (C-line) and is captured by the secondary antibody and forms a visible C-line. The test results are displayed on the C and T lines. The red band displayed by the quality control line (C line) is the standard to determine whether the chromatographic process is normal, and also serves as the internal control standard of the product.

Babio's pet test kit offers two kinds of test products: cassette test and integrated test device, in which the integrated test device is a closed system containing (1) sample handling tube and (2) a test strip to prove the validity of the test result. Sample processing and testing are done in the same closed unit. The device has the advantages of convenient use and reduced pollution (environment, operator and cross-contamination between samples).