Amies swab usage

- 2023-07-27-

Product performance

The tube body is transparent, the cotton swab can be seen in the tube body, and there is no visible debris, the cotton head is soft and elastic, white, no color spot, no stain, no odor; The cotton stalk is smooth and has no burr in contact with the skin.

 Scope of application 

1. Widely used in oral, eye, ear, nose and throat, intestinal tract, urogenital tract, wound and stool bacteriological examination clinical specimens collection, transport and preservation.

2. Can keep a wide range of microorganisms alive for 24-48 hours (room temperature).

3. Cannot be used for Gram staining.


1. Tear the single packaging bag at the tear indication.

2. Collect microorganism samples at the lesion site with a cotton swab with a lid.

3. Remove the lid of the container containing the culture transport medium.

4. Insert the sampled cotton swab with the lid into the tube and close it securely.

5. For examination, it is recommended that swab specimens be inoculated directly into the medium or immediately sent to the laboratory for culture within 24 hours.