Canine Parvovirus Antibody (CPV Ab) Test Kit

Canine Parvovirus Antibody (CPV Ab) Test Kit

Canine Parvovirus Antibody (CPV Ab) Test Kit can quickly qualitatively detect canine parvovirus antibodies in dog serum and evaluate the immune status of canine parvovirus vaccines.

Product Detail

Canine Parvovirus Antibody (CPV Ab) Test Kit

This product can quickly qualitatively detect canine parvovirus antibodies in dog serum and evaluate the immune status of canine parvovirus vaccines.

[Detection principle]

Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious virus that primarily infects dogs. It is transmitted between dogs through direct or indirect contact with their feces. Symptoms are particularly severe in puppies without maternal antibodies or vaccine protection. The disease has two manifestations: myocarditis and enteritis. The common symptoms of enteritis type are severe vomiting and severe hemorrhagic diarrhea; Myocarditis can cause respiratory and cardiovascular failure in puppies .

This kit uses double antigen sandwich immunochromatography. If the sample contains a sufficient amount of corresponding antibodies, the antibodies will bind to the antigen coated with colloidal gold on the gold pad, forming an antigen antibody complex. When this complex migrates upwards to the detection area (T-line) with capillary effect, it then binds with another antigen to form an "antigen antibody antigen" complex and gradually condenses into a visible detection line (T-line). The excess colloidal gold antigen continues to migrate to the quality control area (C-line) and is captured by monoclonal antibodies to form a visible C-line. The detection results are displayed through the C-line and T-line. The red strip displayed on the quality control line (C-line) is the standard for determining whether the chromatography process is normal, and also serves as the internal control standard for the product.

【Self-contained appliance】


【Storage and expiration date】

The kit is stored at 2-30℃. Do not freeze. Valid for 24 months; After the kit is opened, the reagent should be used as soon as possible.

【Sample requirement】

1.  Sample: Canine serum.

2.  Samples should be tested on the same day;  Samples that cannot be tested on the same day should be stored at 2-8 ° C, and those that exceed 24 hours should be stored at -20 ° C.

【Inspection method】

1.  Before use, restore the kit to room temperature (15-30℃).

2.  Remove the reagent card from the aluminum foil bag and place it on a clean platform.

3.  Unscrew the top tube cap on the diluent tube cap containing the sample, invert the diluent tube, squeeze the tube wall, and add 3-5 drops of specimen mixture into the sample hole (S hole) of the reagent card.

4.  The results can be read in 10-15 minutes.  The result is invalid after 15 minutes.

【 Result interpretation 】

Positive: Both the quality control line (C line) and the test line (T line) appear

Negative: Only the quality control line (C line) is available

Invalid: Quality control line does not appear, take a new device to retest


1. This product is only used for qualitative testing and can only use the matching diluents provided in the packaging. Different batch numbers of diluents cannot be mixed.

2. The test results of this product are for reference only and are not the sole basis for diagnosis and treatment. Instead, they should be made by doctors after evaluating all clinical and laboratory evidence.

3. The operation should strictly follow the instructions, and do not use expired or damaged products.

4. The test paper card should be used within 1 hour after unsealing; If the ambient temperature is above 30 ℃ or relatively humid, it should be used immediately.

5. If the color of the T-line starts to appear and then gradually fades or even disappears, the sample should be diluted several times before testing until the T-line color stabilizes.

6. This product is disposable and should not be reused.

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